Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Network Virtualization: Great advantages in little investment

Most of us are aware of the fact that Network virtualization is a process of making the combination of the resources available in a network by dividing the available bandwidth into channels. In this method each of the channels are not dependent on one another that is why they can be assigned to a specific server or device. This network virtualization also ensures the security of the channels independently.

There are many potentials of network virtualization and using it will require only little investment. There are many benefits of network virtualization like lower power and cooling costs but you have to ensure that better implementation is done for virtualization program to avoid any complications.

Companies are focusing on security feature to make more efficient use of this technology across expensive links. There are some network virtualization technologies such as Virtual LANs (VLAN), Virtual Router Forwarding (VRF), Virtual Device Context (VDC) etc. that are providing the flexibility which modern networks demand.

Nowadays many big firms are relied on their network virtualization for their daily business operations. In order to meet this growing need of computer networks, there has been increase in the demand of experts and designers to cater the business requirements by maintaining the cost factor.

Training in network virtualization from ACITEducation Pvt. Ltd will provide you the chance to practice on the latest and updated tools and technologies of it which will make it more convenient for you to understand the process of working of virtual infrastructure.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Do you plan to become Forensic Investigator?

A lot of us dream to choose different and exciting career options but very few are actually able to do so. This blog is especially for those who are interested to know about a different and exciting carrier option – Forensic Investigator.
A Computer Forensics Investigator or a Forensic Analyst is a qualified information security professional. Most of these professionals work primarily with law and government institutions.  They are also in very much demand even in private organizations. Their task is to recover information from computers, servers and other types of data storage devices. “Forensic science studies” is the common term for this particular field and career.
If you want to become a successful forensic professional then you must have solid auditing and reporting skills in order to write up findings and to testify in court, if needed.
To put it in simple words, a Forensic Analyst must possess a solid understanding of cyber security and various aspects related to it.
As mentioned previously, this career option is closely connected with law enforcement as a Legal investigator needs proofs to prove cyber crime in the court.
With the continuous increase in the average rate of cyber crime, Computer Forensics Investigators or Forensic Analysts are in a very high demand in both public and private sectors. In case you need more information regarding the same, then you must contact ACIT Education Pvt Ltd.

Monday, 3 August 2015

All you need to know about ETHICAL HACKING

Ethical hacking and Ethical hacker are the two terms that are used to explain about the hacking that is done by a company or an employee in order to help in identifying the potential threats that hover around a particular computer or a particular network.

The job of an ethical hacker is to make an attempt to bypass system security in order to look for any weak points that might be used by malicious hackers to harm the company in any way. After figuring out these weak points the ethical hacker reports it to the particular company and then this information is used by that company to strengthen the system security by making the required changes and improvements to it. This helps in minimizing the chances of being attacked by notorious or harmful hackers.

Though a lot of people have criticized the term "Ethical Hacker" because they feel that there is no such thing as “ethical” hacker but the fact remains that this type of hacking has proved to be of immense benefit for various companies who have the fear of being attacked by unethical hackers who are generally referred as computer criminals or cyber criminals.

Ethical hacking has certainly helped to provide the companies with a better system security; therefore it is being widely practiced in the corporate world. Interested people can work towards becoming a certified ethical hacker by joining ACIT. We have an efficient team of professionals that provide the best training.