Thursday, 11 February 2016

Tips to Succeed via Cisco Certification

Whether you are looking to advance your career or considering a career change, earning a Cisco certification is, indubitably, worthy of boosting your IT career. However, you require careful planning and training to maximize the level of success in your Cisco career. Following are some guidelines for mapping out your Cisco certification strategy or should rather say tips to achieve success in IT career via Cisco certification. Have a look!
·      Set goals – This is an essential step in becoming a Cisco professional. As Cisco specializations are large in number, it’s best that you map out what you’d like to accomplish for the year and try to stick to that plan as much as possible. Lack of planning is one of the largest reasons behind exam failure. Students simply move into study without an actionable plan. Make sure you have the time to put in the necessary work.
·       Use a combination of study materials – Most of the times, it has been seen that a student does not do well because he or she did not use the proper study material. The large number of books available can be overwhelming to those just starting out, but keep in mind your study is not limited to books alone. Get involved in the Cisco community and use a combination of websites, forums and books to maximize success.
·     Get trained – Training is a key ingredient to success. There are several schools which offer training in a boot camp-style setting, through a live online portal and/or self-paced online programs. These schools offer several advantages as their classes are often taught by well-regarded industry professionals. They typically use real routers and switches and can give students individualized attention in a small classroom setting.
·     Practice – They say practice makes perfect and it’s no different for a Cisco engineer and it has been found that a mix of 40% reading and 60% of your time practicing lab scenarios is a good combination to prepare for Cisco certifications. Get familiar with commands. Your best bet would be to get real live devices and set up a lab at your home. While this can be expensive, you can get used equipment online at a much cheaper price.
·     Don’t Neglect The Basics – This is essential for anyone planning to be a good Cisco engineer. There are certain core concepts that every engineer must know. Never neglect the basics such as Subnetting. Subnetting is a CCNA concept that engineers deal with in their careers every day. If you do not master subnetting earlier, you will not only be unable to do your job, but you will have to go back and re-learn the concepts you’ve already studied.
ACIT Institute offers technical in-depth training on Cisco’s certification right from Associate level being the most basic till Expert level being the most technically advanced and to the most highly considered and sought after certificate in the field of Networking.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

CCIE Data Center Certification

CCIE Data Center is the latest certification launched by Cisco. It is the most sought after and elusive certifications in the networking world. It certifies the expert level skills required for the planning, designing, implementing and managing today’s complex and modern IT Data Center infrastructure. Professionals who achieve CCIE Data Center certification are able to demonstrate their technical skills at the highest level using best-practices in industry. This certification is for experienced Data Center professionals who are seeking future-proof skills that are needed for leadership roles focused on harnessing in-depth IT data center solutions and emerging technologies.  
Data Centers are strategically designed to handle scalable processing needs. Following are some of the advantages of CCIE Data Center as told by experts and professionals of 
·         Less upfront cost is involved to empower any business to be IT-enabled.
·         Greater reliability of data in a centralized storage location wherein redundancy at all levels has been achieved.
·         Less personnel cost and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) because there is no need for IT upgrade budget in the budgeting plan as scalable needs can be met with a scalable plan of pay as you go.
·         Instant scalability is offered in seconds and insignificant delay between crashed applications being restored reducing all the RED TAPE typically associated with obtaining permissions.
Cisco Data Center portfolio has always been top-notch in terms of minimal power consumption, efficient processing capabilities and ease of management through means of its software based Data Center managers. Cisco is a name that has echoed across all industry verticals with regard to the Data Center domain and this has reflected in a steep rise in the demand for Cisco’s Data Center products which can only see a phenomenal rise in the times to come.
Data centre traffic will continue to dominate Internet traffic for the foreseeable future, but the nature of data centre traffic will undergo a fundamental transformation brought about by cloud applications, services and infrastructure. ACIT Institute has years of experience in helping students clear high certification exams including CCIE Data Center. ACIT has trained more than 25000+ students and has a proven track record of best training methods.