Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ethical Hacking: Step into a Rewarding Career

Ethical hacking is a term that is used to explain about the hacking that is done by an organization or a worker keeping in mind the aim to help in recognizing the potential dangers that drift around a specific computer network or a specific security system. 

The work of an ethical hacker is to make an effort to catch the dangers or threats that may impact a company or an organization.  In the wake of making sense of these feeble focuses the ethical hacker reports it to the specific organization and after that this data is used by that organization to strengthen the security system by rolling out the required improvements and enhancements to it. This aids in minimizing the possibilities of being assaulted by unethical or harmful hackers.

In spite of the fact that many individuals have condemned the expression "ethical hacker" in light of the fact that they feel that there is no such thing as "ethical" hacker however the certainty remains that this kind of hacking has turned out to be of enormous advantage for different organizations who have the fear of being assaulted by corrupt hackers. Experts from ACIT say that right now there is a massive demand for the ethical hackers in the market and this demand is going to increase even more in the coming few years.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

All you need to know about Penetration Testing

Penetration testing involves testing a company’s existing security structure. This is done by using similar techniques and skills that are used by the actual hackers and attackers. Such tests are usually scenario-based and they try to evaluate the impact of several potential threats.

Penetration testing is done due to various reasons. The chief motive is to safeguard your company and the confidential data. It can also be done to reassure that the security controls are functioning in a proper manner. This is a fact that certain companies are always at a risk of becoming a target of unethical hacking groups. So through penetration testing such companies can detect potential threats to a certain level.

You must understand that without possessing the complete knowledge of your company’s security system, you cannot find out the flaws in it. It is absolutely important to understand your security system in order to develop and improve it further. Knowledge of your attack surface area can benefit you in developing and implementing a security program.

Experts from ACIT say that the need of penetration testing is felt by a lot of companies these days. Therefore the demand of professionals specialized in this field has increased manifolds.