Thursday, 17 March 2016

What to Consider After Passing CCNA?

If you have just cleared or about to clear your CCNA exam, then you must be asking to yourself, what to consider next after passing CCNA exam? Well there are several options to go for after passing exam for CCNA certification depending upon several factors.

The most basic thing that influences what you will be doing after CCNA exam is whether you are new to the IT field and looking for your first job position as IT professional or you are already an experienced IT professional who has just recently got certified.

·         If you are new to this field and your primary concern is to find a job then it is advised that you start surveying big job sites for such opportunities as early as possible. You can start looking for job opportunities before you pass your CCNA exam too for this will help you to track these sites regularly to get some perspective on the job listings and companies.

·         Opting for a job directly after passing your CCA exam also enable you to gain hands on experience in your desired field. This will also set you apart in future from other candidate. Remember to be open to learn new technologies during your job which can lead to new opportunities in future too.

·         However, if you plan to become an expert on some particular networking technology area, than you can go for further certification programs too. You can do specialization on any particular topic from your CCNA topics, CCNP R&S and CCDA will enable you to learn about routes and switch you studied in IPv6, CCNA VOICE for user/hosts, CCDA for vendor/seller side and CCNA Security with security on routers and switches.

·         Socializing and networking is essential after and during your CCNA training. Socializing in virtual and real worlds will allow you to learn and attract opportunities in your life. Join social networking sites and tools to connect with other professionals of your field and placement specialists. Attending conferences can also help you to move in correct social circles.

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