Monday, 4 April 2016

Different Types Of Switches In Networking

Switches are computer networking devices which connects devices together on a computer network to keep the users connected and allow the smooth transfer of data. Switches are an integral part of networking infrastructure both at private and professional or business level. Therefore at Acit Mumbai, students aspiring to become IT professional are trained in different types of switches such as:

LAN Switch

LAN switches are used in local area networks(LAN) and also known as active hubs. It is an example of Ethernet switches in which device is used to connect separate nodes on a company’s internal LAN. These nodes are connection points which are typically computer systems used in an office.

Unmanaged Network Switches

Unmanaged network switches do not need to be configured and hence are simple and easy to set up. They only require small cable connections which allow devices on the network to connect with each other for example computer to computer or printer to computer in one location. Unmanaged switches are favorably used by home networks and small companies and businesses.

Managed Network Switches

Managed network switches have one or more interfaces to allow the configuring, and managing and monitoring of the switch’s operations. The ability to be customized enhances the functions of managed network switches as well as gives one greater control over data flow.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are a type of managed network switches which have limited set of management features. They fall between unmanaged and managed network switches and provide web based interface. Smart switches require configurations of basic settings such as virtual LAN or VLANs, port-bandwidth and duplex.

Enterprise Managed Switches

Enterprise managed switches are fully managed switches which have wide range of management features that can be modified. The large number of adjustable settings that constantly needs to be managed and monitored makes these most expensive than traditional switches. These switches are most suitable to be used in large companies due to its size and complexity.

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