Friday, 22 January 2016

Ensure Safe Networks; Free from Hacking

Incidents of security breaches in corporate firms have become too frequent these days that it has paved way to the critical importance of taking effective measure to ensure cyber security. There have been several cases where the data of the customers has been stolen or their passwords have been leaked online. These hacks do not only bring the embarrassment to the companies but also make them sustain significant financial losses. Of late, securing corporate data has become more of a duty rather than an option.  
So let us tell you some of the measures to protect your network from hackers as told by experts and trainers from ACIT Institute.
·         Maintain a strong firewall – The PCI data security standards prescribe firewalls for compliance. Make sure your firewall is hardened and is supported by virus protection software.
·         Limit remote access – Create strong passwords instead of using the default codes. Change these passwords often. Always change default firewall settings to allow only essential access and limit remote access to secure methods such as VPN.
·         Segment your network – Make sure your POS data traffic is separate from your Wi-Fi system, security cameras or other digital connections. If you want to connect POS via Wi-Fi, connect it through a virtual LAN that separates authorized traffic into a security zone.
·         Conduct regular scans of your network – Scan your system regularly to check for vulnerabilities. For relatively low annual fees, a security vendor will remotely scan all of your external systems access points to determine if any are vulnerable to intrusion.
·         Keep your software updated – Manufacturers frequently update operating systems and POS software to tighten security and eliminate weaknesses vulnerable to hackers. Make sure you download the latest operating system patches and keep all POS software up-to-date.
We hope that you implement these tips to ensure safe and secure networks and protect your systems from hacking. ACIT Education Pvt Ltd has years of experience in helping students clear high certification exams. ACIT has trained more than 25000+ students and has a proven track record of best training methods.

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