Friday, 15 January 2016

Secure your Computer with these Tips

Computers, Laptops, Smartphones or Tablets for that matter are those electronic devices around which our whole life revolves. Imagining our day without these gadgets just make us question our very existence on this planet. These wondrous devices have multifarious uses ranging from completion of that office presentation to trying that newly launched game to texting that childhood friend of yours whom you just found on Facebook.
With every single person using desktops and laptops on day-to-day basis, they are exposed to bugs and threats becoming more vulnerable to cyber criminals and hackers. Hence, we are telling you about discrete ways to keep your systems safe and secure.
·         Switch off your internet router when you do not need internet connectivity. Hackers mostly tend to target connections that are “always on.” If your internet connection is intermittent, then you will be less attractive to them.
·         Ensure that your router has a decent firewall. A firewall is a system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. Most internet service providers offer a free router and modem when you sign up with them. Make sure that both your router as well as computer has a decent firewall.
·         Keep your computer system up-to-date. Check your computer for updates. There have been many computers where no updates have done to their operating systems. These updates are important significant patches and you may be compromised if you do not install them.
·         Stop visiting porn sites or any other dodgy or affected site. These sites are solely there to get you. They may have been affected by a worm that modifies the website with the intention to infect your computer with virus.
·         Keep your password safe and hard to guess. Use discrete password for every website you sign up to. Also, be prudent about saving passwords on applications on your computer.
·         Most people still prefer internet explorer for browsing. We strongly recommend you to use a decent browser such as Google Chrome as it has been deemed as the most secure browser.
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